What a total asshole!! This guy has no coinscience!!!

Alright now, this guy is a truly evil asshole and I put nothing beyond him so let's tread lightly. I won't tell you of my exact involvement with Dr. David Morrow or what I've heard from others about The Morrow Institute and exactly how his bitchy wife Linda Morrow deals with people whom she and her husband are going after. All that I'll say is that it would be in your best interest to look into this fellow and his cosmetic surgery business before getting involved with them.

This ( is nothing. People are terrified of David Morrow and The Morrow Institute and Linda Morrow owing to the great amount of trash that they've been involved in and the terrible damage that they do to the reputation of anyone who has ever crossed them, been their competition or just plain got in their way. Nevertheless, since having my own run in with them, the number of stories that I've heard from others about their "medical" practice is astounding.

All that I'm saying is that my own experience with Dr. Morrow did not turn out well and I think that you'd be better off looking around for someone else to be involved with.

Note: The only possible mistruth in these few paragraphs is that the involvement with Dr. Morrow may have been with a relative of mine rather than with me personally. I would like to keep that ambiguous, for the sake of myself and others who could be identified were I to write any more specific details.